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Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions With Commitment & Expertise

From its inception, we have made a long-term commitment of providing the ultimate pest control solution for Residential properties, and business properties.

Our licensed and knowledgeable Technicians are well equipped with the latest pest control equipment and innovative methodologies to provide the most courteous reliable services, that is Eco friendly.

With our continuous learning and training in new federal, state and local government regulations to the latest IPM (Integrated Pest Control Mangement) techniques; EOA Pest control have the experience and expertise to deal with all types of pest issues and preventive measure no matter the size of the problem.



EOA Pest Control clients represent a variety of sectors in different sectors of the food industry from restaurants, warehouse, supermarkets/groceries, delis, hospitals, school, retail, food prep areas, corporate and residential properties.

We customize pest control plans to suit your specific environment in order to provide the most efficient, eco friendly and prevention methods possible to protect your business and employees from unwanted pest.

Our Approach Method

At EOA Pest control, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, to help prevent pest activity before it occurs and reduce chemical treatment usage.


The first method is to inspect your facilities, identify the pest problems and their point of entries. Our trained and qualified Technicians will customize a best plan to suit your needs.


Every situation is different, but in most cases we do perimeter treatment of both inside and outside using appropriate and Eco friendly materials that are safe to human but harmful to pest.


The third method is a customized plan that will take care of future infestation that might want to occur. This control method will keep any newly emerging pests from re-establishing an infestation.